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Ways to make money from the Internet: sites and areas to make money from the Internet and through your phone as well

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 Some may be surprised when they learn that some applications on smart phones, especially those running Android or even iPhone devices, pay for simple tasks such as downloading a game, evaluating the application, sharing through social networks, watching a video and many other tasks,

 And who of us does not watch a video or download applications, but have you ever thought about earning money by doing what is considered entertainment, you do not need to make extra effort to earn money or you can stay all day on your phone to earn more money, there are many applications that By paying money through your mobile phone,

 And we will explain the top 5 reliable applications to earn money through your mobile phone, but you must take into account that there are many fake and unreliable applications that do not really pay, and some require imaginary time and effort to earn a little money, and for this reason, some of them are considered ineffective applications to earn money from Through your smartphone, so do not download all the applications, read the evaluation and choose what is real.


It is one of the best money-making applications, very wonderful, as it does not require any effort or time from you, as you can earn money by receiving messages on your phone, for every message that is sent to you, you will be paid a small amount, but over time you will collect a good amount and you can Receiving winnings through your PayPal account, the minimum transfer amount is $1. It is a reliable and tested application.

2- Casino 888

888 is a real money gaming site that allows you to earn money by playing online casino games.

3- Poker games to win money

Poker is one of the good games to earn money through Android applications, and this game is characterized by giving a free bonus when you start playing even using this bonus to win money when playing for free, and playing poker can be shared with friends, in addition to weekly tournaments to compete in the game of poker, and you can also Learn the game in a free way through this application on the Google Store.

4- Google Opinion Rewards app

The Google Opinion Reward App is a good way to earn some dollars, as you can use the rewards or the money you earn in the Google Store to buy apps, games, movies, etc. The idea of ​​the app is surveys or surveys about places you've visited before, and Google will pay you after you answer A Few Questions, a trusted and tried-and-true app that everyone should use is an excellent way to earn money.

5- Uber Driver app

Uber is a global company that provides a delivery service, and Uber hires people to work with it, as your job is to deliver people with your own car for a sum of money determined by the Uber application, and it also provides food delivery service and a ride-sharing service with other people, and it is a way to earn money through Working as an Uber driver is one of the most feasible and modern ways to earn money using the Internet.

6- Fiverr app

The Fever application is a market in which you can offer or sell your services for a financial return, and these services may be anything such as translation services for websites or documents, website design and content writing, in addition to professional video design, logo or logo design for a company, and even accounting services Or financial or legal advice, and many other services that you are paid for. If you are looking for a freelance job on the Internet, a job, or even you want to become a Freelancer, the Fever website or application is one of the best reliable and proven ways to make money online.


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