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Tourism in Canada

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 Tourism in Canada

Tourism in Canada Tourism is a large external income in Canada's economy, Canada is the second largest country in the world in terms of area, Canada has a great geographical diversity in terrain and climate from one region to another, and tourism in Canada is focused on the four major cities in Canada, which are Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver And the capital, Ottawa, and each of these cities has its own culture. It has many national parks and national historic sites

In 2012, more than 16 million tourists visited Canada, and Canada earned $17.4 billion. Tourism in Canada represents 1% of the Canadian economy and provides more than 309,000 job opportunities for Canadian citizens in the country.

Canada is one of the most visible countries in the world. It's a magical country that guys want to come back to, and who don't care, and places they do care because they've heard some things about it.

 The famous Niagara Falls in Ontario, and the stunning beauty of the West Coast, the Rocky Mountains, the most The beauty of countless mountains and famous for its eye-catching beauty, Banff National Park in Alberta, the beautiful inhabitants of Manitoba Churchill, the northern lights are just a few of the features that make Canada a unique destination.

 There are still unlimbed mountain peaks in Canada with dozens A carefully guarded natural wonder. At Hopewell Rocks, where the tallest people live in the tidal world, it is possible to observe submarine life and interesting rock formations together.

 On the other hand, you have the opportunity to come across the wonderful natural beauty of Canada, all of Canada's big cities And the whole world. For those of us who respect a free and democratic society, the value of spending time in Canada is invaluable.

 Should everyone have access to it, Canada is another reason why it is one of the countries that decorate our dreams.

 When we talk about a country, not to mention the cuisine.

 If the subject is Canada, butter seafood, game animals, and the famous “Putin”, And the country's butter and maple syrup pancakes of course, will come to different dishes in four different ways, must be the first tastes to be mentioned.

Some regions in Canada are more important for gourmets. Nanaimo is like Toronto, the largest city in British Columbia and Canada. Nanaimo Bar, one of Canada's most famous icons and named after the lush green Nanaimo on the West Coast, has a very special place in Canadian culture with a chocolate dessert made by cooking a special recipe for generations along With European settlers dating back hundreds of years.

There is also an interesting activity for tourists. The trails following the Nanaimo Bar Trail can be stopped by stopping at restaurants to try the tastes of the Nanaimo Bar Martini, the Nanaimo Bar Cake Cake and the flavors of the Nanaimo Bar, like fudge.

 British Columbia is famous for Canada's 'liquid gold'; Award-winning wine made from grapes that has a very special flavor with "ice wine". One of the most popular products on the way back to the countries of tourists is this famous Canadian wine. Because of its multicultural nature, it is possible to taste a bit of the world's food in Toronto

Everywhere you turn your head, a special taste of different countries of the world is waiting for you.

Misco Island

Misco Island has a unique beauty with untouched beaches. During the summer many famous singers accompany the beautiful sounds of the waves. Tourists who come here are amazed by the unique musical performances thanks to the Misco et Maurier effervescent concerts held at the Misko Lighthouse.

Vandy Bay - a place where the highest tides in the world can be seen. Vandy Cove tides are best seen at Hopewell rock. There are also camping and rock climbing areas.

Fredericton-News is the capital and largest city in the state of Brunswick.It is one of the state's cultural, artistic, and educational centers.The world famous Beaver Art Gallery is here.The Jazz and Blues Harvest Festival attracts many local and international artists each year.The Saint John River can be seen by kayaking and canoeing.

Tower - The tower in Toronto is the second tallest tower in the world.There are more than 50 restaurants in the club which has become a symbol of the city.

Chidiac - The city is known as the "lobster capital". The city hosts a lobster festival every July. At the western entrance to the city was found a statue of "the largest lobster in the world" weighing 90 tons. Many restaurants in the city serve a wide range of seafood .


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