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كبرى شركات المقاولات والمطاعم في الإمارات تعلن عن فرص عمل وتمنح الأولويه للجنسيات التاليه مصر تونس الجزائر لبنان سوريا الأردن العراق اندونيسيا المغرب ليبيا فلسطين الهند باكستان وغيرها

  تعلن شركة مقاولات وشركة سلسلة مطاعم عن عدد من الوظائف الخاصة بها، حتى يتسنى لمن تتوافر لديه الشروط التقديم عليه وهي: **   حراس أمن وحمايه **  سائقين اليات ثقيلة ** سائقين سيارات مع مشرفين العمال **  مهندسين كهرباء مباني(يشترط شهادة جامعيه) **  عدد من الفنيين الخاصة بالسباكة **  فنيين خاصين تكييف وتبريد(الخبره الكافية في هذا الامجال) ** مراقبين ومشرفين عمال ** طباخين ** محاسبين (يشترط شهاده جامعية) **إستقبال العملاء والزبائن ** اعمال التنظيف والمطابخ **شيف أكلات شرقيه وغربيه **موزعين بضائع **سائقسن توصيل طلبات **مشغل رافعات شوكية **مهندسيين كهرباء مباني (يشترط الشهادة يمكن قبول من لديه الخبره الكافيه) اذا كنت تمتلك الخبره في إحدى هذه الوظائف عليك تسجيل اسمك واسم دولتك وإسم المدينه التي تعيش وتتواجد فيها وإضافة رقم الهاتف مع رمز دولتك وسيتم التواصل معك خلال أقل من 48 ساعه من خلال الرابط أدناه  https://bit.ly/3AJv1NT أو https://bit.ly/3AEgUcV تشترط الشركة عدد من الشروط التي يجب أن توجد في كل شخص يتقدم لشغل الوظائف الشاغرة بها وهي: تشترط الشركة أن يتراوح عمر من يتقدم للعمل بالوظائف المعل

How can you get a loan from a German bank with easy procedures within 72 hours only, here are the details

 How can you get a loan from a German bank with easy procedures within 72 hours only, here are the details


How to take a loan from German banks?2021

You can contact and apply for a loan through this link


Many have heard that interest rates on loans in Europe are much lower than in our country. However, few people know that Union citizens

Russian can apply for a loan in a foreign bank without living abroad. It is true that this is a very laborious process, but it is worth it

Here are the correct and legal details and information on how to obtain a loan without any problem


Open an account in a foreign bank where you plan to take out a loan. To do this, you must go to the appropriate country in Europe and visit one of the bank's branches. Prepare a package of documents proving your identity and income in advance. Also, the guarantee of a reputable company, individual or credit organization will not interfere. The fact is that people in European countries are suspicious of Russian citizens, therefore, having only a passport with you, it is unlikely that you will be able to bypass simple talk. It should be remembered that most European banks require a Latin signature in the contract, so think in advance about this option.


Contact the consulting firm if you are unable to visit the bank's country independently. They will help you to place an application and fill out a questionnaire, after which they will act as an intermediary when opening an account. These services are quite expensive, so check with consulting firms' rates in advance.


Start a loan application in Europe. Remember that it is useless to go to the bank on this occasion yourself, except for those who already have a positive credit history in European credit institutions. Take a letter from your service bank confirming your solvency.


If you intend to take out a real estate loan, it is recommended to choose a real estate company as an intermediary, and in the case of a consumer loan or a business loan, contact a foreign consulting firm. In this case, it is necessary for the broker to prove his income, since the loan is issued to him, and you are the payer.


Apply for a loan in Europe, which is considered during the week. After making a positive decision, you, together with the broker, will be invited to the bank branch to sign a loan agreement. You can also register a loan in Russia. In this case, it will be collected in the Ministry of Finance or the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. It is worth noting that if you apply for a loan in Europe without going abroad, the total costs and interest will most likely be similar to the cost of Russian loans.

The average interest rate for Europe on a loan is 4-5% per annum, which is at least three times the profit from similar offers from Russian banks. The most popular among non-resident borrowers is mortgage lending. But where are mortgages issued to the Russians and how realistic is it to obtain them

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