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Entry visa for the purpose of visit or tourism

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 Entry visa for the purpose of visit or tourism

Required Documents

Application form for issuing an entry visa.

A copy (copy) of the passport, including entry visas to other countries.

A copy of the applicant's ID card.

A commitment form from the applicants to leave the invitees at the appointed time. In this form, the duration and purpose of the visit must be specified.

Official documents and official certificates confirming the relationship between the invitees and the invitees.

When inviting "foreign minors", consent signed by the parents, or the consent of the legal guardians, must be provided.

In cases where the invitees hold the nationality of a country whose nationals are allowed to enter Western countries only after the approval of the security authorities, or the nationality of an enemy country, a brief biographical form must be filled out and transferred to the security authorities for approval.

Power of attorney for summoning foreigners - for foreign persons invited for the purpose of judicial deliberations or for the claims committee of the National Insurance Institute.

 Please note: the information is provided to you in Arabic, but the procedures for applying for an entry visa for the purpose of visit or tourism and related forms provide English

You can submit a visa or visa application through the following link and we will contact you within 48 hours


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