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Canada Tourist Visa How do you apply for a tourist visa to Canada?

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Canada Tourist Visa How do you apply for a tourist visa to Canada?

Explanation of applying for a tourist visa to Canada (Visa Canada) comprehensively and in detail online without offices or embassies.

Canada is one of the most beautiful countries that many wish to visit and enjoy its beauty, and to fulfill the wishes of the followers, I will explain in this article how to apply for a Canadian tourist visa online, I hope you have a pleasant trip in Canada.

Important information before applying:

Who can apply for a Canada Tourist Visa online?

Most citizens of Arab countries can apply for a Canada tourist visa online.

Are there custom requests to apply?

Yes, there are custom requests and they are as follows:

Fill out the visa application form.

Fill out the family information form.

Previous passport and visa photos.

A personal photo with specific sizes (I will explain them later).

Proof of financial support (details with explanation).

Purpose of travel (details with explanation).

There is no difference between the online application or the approved visa center. All applications, whether paper or via the website, will be reviewed by the immigration officer in the country of application, and the fees will rise through the Canadian Visa Center because it will charge an additional fee for the application service for you, and if you want to submit paper through the center You can find the address of the center in your country from here.

Is it possible to obtain a multiple-entry visa?

All applicants receive a multiple-entry visa except in some cases

What are the fees for a Canada visa online?

Canada visa fees for an individual (CAD 100) Canadian dollars, and fingerprint fees (CAD 85) Canadian dollars, with a total of (CAD 185) Canadian dollars, and paid immediately after submitting the application via credit card, and you can check the fees

What is the processing time for a Canada visa application?

The processing time for the application varies from one country to another, and depends on the speed of your passport submission and fingerprint scanning at the visa center immediately after the electronic submission.

 You can check the processing time of your application depending on the type of visa and your place of residence.

What is the validity period of a Canadian tourist visa?

The validity of a Canada visa depends on your purpose of visit, and it varies from person to person and varies according to how long you have left in your passport.

What is the name of the Canada tourist visa?

The official name of the visa is (Temporary Resident Visa), and all types of visitor and business visas as well as study for a period of less than 6 months fall under this visa.

Important notices before applying:

All applications and supporting documents must be prepared upon submission.

A credit card is required to pay the Canada visa fee.

All information must be written in English or French according to the passport, and documents that are not in English or French must be translated.

Now we get to the beginning of the explanation and it will be in five stages as follows:

First: Create an account on the Canadian immigration website to apply for a Canada visa.

Second: Verify your eligibility and identify the documents required of you.


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