Monday, September 20, 2021

Canada: Easing health restrictions for vaccinated travelers

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 The Canadian government has announced the details of the first phase of a plan to ease restrictions imposed on travelers returning to the country.

From midnight on July 5-6, travelers entitled to enter Canada (new window), who have completed the vaccination process, will be exempted from quarantine

And from the test to detect the emerging corona virus 8 days after their arrival in Canada, as stated in a statement issued by the government.

Vaccination is considered complete when, 14 days before arrival, a person receives all doses of the vaccine, or a combination of several doses of several vaccines, approved by the Canadian authorities.

The prudent measures announced today were only possible thanks to the remarkable efforts of Canadians, and further modifications are possible if we continue to protect each other.

The Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines have been approved by the Canadian health authorities.

In its statement, the government clarified that it is possible to receive the vaccine in any country (new window), and the traveler must present a document proving that he has received the vaccine, with a French or English copy, or a copy translated by an accredited translator.

He also still has to take a virus test 72 hours before the flight, submit health information via ArrivCan, and prepare a quarantine plan if they test positive for the virus upon arrival in Canada.

Virus tests allow public health experts to continue to monitor the percentage of positive results of tests conducted at the borders, monitor cases associated with virus variants, and make the necessary adjustments, as the Ministry of Health has clarified.

The imposed health procedures remain mandatory for returning travelers, including putting a muzzle in public places and keeping for 14 days the documents they submitted upon arrival, as well as a list of the people they contacted.

The current quarantine procedures remain in effect for travelers who have not completed the vaccination.

It is noteworthy that the Canadian government is under more pressure to reopen the borders.


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