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How to apply for asylum in Canada

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 Countries classified by the Asylum and Immigration Service (DCO)

An asylum-seeker can be classified as an individual from a country classified by DCO. (The country of origin of asylum-seekers should also fall under the list of DCO countries and asylum-seekers must

Those from DCO countries should be aware that timetables for asylum seekers from non-DCO countries are different from those from DCO countries.

It is necessary to know if your country falls under the list of DCO countries. To find out, please visit the website

If you need help, please contact the First Contact Program where a volunteer is providing assistance.

Important government organizations:

These three government organizations are directly involved during the application process. If you change your address or phone number, you must contact each organization individually to provide them.

with your new information.

There are two timetables for asylum seekers in Canada. Choose which timeline you fall under:

I applied for asylum from within Canada to the Office of Immigration and Asylum

and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC) or I want to file a claim with IRCC

I applied for asylum at the point of entry (airport, land border, port)

For the Canadian Border Services Bureau (CBSA )

Go to the Office of Asylum, Immigration and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or download asylum forms

From the website:


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