Saturday, June 2, 2018

Surge in Applications for Canadian Citizenship Due to Relaxed Laws

In October the Canadian government relaxed laws pertaining to permanent residency and language requisites for immigrants. This was followed by a sudden surge in the number of applications for Canadian citizenship. Prior to the changes, there were around 3500 applications for Canadian citizenship. But immediately after the changes came into effect, the number of applications shot to an imaginable level.

The government received more than 17, 653 applications and more than 12,530 in the week after the relaxation of laws.

What are the new changes in the citizenship laws?

Canada’s Citizenship Act was amended but the law was passed in June and it came into effect only in the month of October. With the new changes in citizenship laws, applicants can now benefit from it in various ways.
Earlier, candidates or immigrants seeking Canadian citizenship required four years of permanent resident status out of the six years they lived in Canada. After the changes and relaxation laws, only three years of residency is required for applicants to be eligible for citizenship.

In addition to that, applicants with temporary work permit or study permit need one year of permanent residency to be eligible for Canadian citizenship. According to the new relaxed act, there are several other versions which prove to be beneficial to applicants.

Based on the earlier act, applicants required the presence of 183 days in four years out of the total six before submitting the application. Now this requirement is no longer necessary.

Another change inculcated is that applicants within the age limit of 14 and 64 must prove their language ability in English or French. But now the age limit has been altered. Applicants who fall under the age category of 18-54 need to test their language skills.

As more and more changes in Canadian citizenship laws were inculcated, there was an expected increase in the number of applications for citizenship. Now it is easier and quicker to become eligible for citizenship in Canada.

The federal government of Canada allows and even encourages dual citizenship. The naturalization laws of Canada are globally popular. Ahmed Hussen, the Immigration Minister of Canada is a naturalized citizen.

More than thousands of Canadians aspire for citizenship and have submitted applications, thanks to the relaxed law of Canada. With more and more immigrants striving to gain permanent residency and citizenship in Canada, there has been a substantial rise in the number of people dreaming of relocating to Canada. It can be with a work or study permit and if eligible to become permanent citizens of the country.

In the coming future, Canada is all set to welcome more than one million permanent residents through various immigration categories. Most of these people will stay and become Canadian citizens and benefit from the rights and privileges that accompany their citizenship.

According to the recent data, the Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Canada receives more than 200,000 applications for Canadian citizenship every year and more after the relaxation of immigration and residency laws.

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